As a dynamically developing company, we are open to various forms of cooperation:

Private Labels (Own Brands)

In addition to its own product lines, Premium Rosa also offers commissioned production for commercial networks and other food industry producers. Creating our private labels (own brands) is as important for us as preparing original products.

We strive to meet the expectations of our clients at the highest level.

We offer our partners professionalism of service and high quality of products resulting from experience in the f

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phone: 503 301 376

Become a Partner

Are you planning to grow your business, and Premium Rosa and Nasze Domowe products are not available in your store? Become one of our Partners! We invite herbal and health food stores, pharmacies and grocery stores for cooperation. Thanks to the presence of our products in your store, you gain the opportunity to develop and enrich your portfolio with high-quality products.

Contact us:

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phone: 516 199 496

B2B cooperation

We have specialists in the field of production and logistics technologies. We offer the service of juice bottling and consultancy related to developing product recipes. We will prepare an offer individually tailored to your needs and we will gladly support the development of your business.

Contact us if you think we can help you:

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phone: 692 650 313