About us

Premium Rosa Sp. z o.o. has been present on the Polish market since 2007. The Company’s headquarters and production plant have been located in Złotokłos near Warsaw for many years. We are specialists in the production and distribution of healthy juices, syrups, functional drinks, lemonades, freeze-dried products, preserves and teas for children and infants, nursing and pregnant women.

All our products are developed by experienced specialists based on reliable recipes. For years, we have been cooperating with trusted suppliers who provide us with the highest quality raw materials. Thanks to appropriate production technologies, fruits and herbs in our products retain most of their nutritional properties. We make sure that our products are natural and wholesome. We do not use colorants, artificial flavors or preservatives.

The primary mission of Premium Rosa is to provide the highest quality products created from high quality fruits and herbs for the sake of health.

Our values


qualitative product management, manifested in all aspects: qualitative selection of raw materials, production and distribution methods.


Our products are created with health in mind. They are to provide our clients with precious values that are needed in everyday life.


We value tradition above all. However, we are not closed to modern solutions. We are constantly looking for new solutions, provided that they comply with our policy.


manifested by presenting quality effects and professional activities carried out by the Company.

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